Welcome to A-mail Academic

A-Mail Academic is a leading provider of worldwide named Academic and Library mailing lists, offering an unrivalled speed and quality of service. Our main database is the most accurate of its kind, and is maintained by an extensive research operation. This continuous rolling process involves the checking, adding and amending of all named contacts at each academic institution, on a regular basis. The information itself is supplied direct from the institutions themselves; allowing us to accurately maintain the database content.

We can provide a number of different mailing lists from our main database, and we encourage visitors to make their own count request selections using our user-friendly online database count facility. You can also simply download our catalogue below:

A-mail Catalogue 2009

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Alternatively download the brochure here. If you have trouble viewing it you may need to download Adobe PDF reader here.

The mailing lists currently available are:

  • The Academics Mailing List:
    The contact details on our named teaching and research academics mailing list, is up-to-date and highly accurate and can be chosen by a number of selection options: - by subjects taught, by job level, by type of institution and by geographic location.
  • The Library Mailing Lists:
    As part of our continual research process, A-Mail Academic identifies tens of thousands of libraries at universities, colleges and other institutions around the world. We can supply library mailing address details for the following: - at academic departments, campuses, schools and main faculties; and at a range of other non-academic institution types, such as associations, societies, institutes, museums, government departments and public bodies.
  • The Specialist Named Librarians Mailing Lists:
    Recently researched, we can now provide the named contact details of both academic and corporate librarians and information specialists. Firstly, we have a database that allows users to target the individual subject specific librarians - with buying responsibility - at central library facilities of Universities and Colleges across the United Kingdom.

Request a count today from any of the above databases by using our user-friendly online database counts facility.